Things you can do to put yourself through school

Only yesterday in my commute to work, a guy was begging for alms, he claimed that he was a student at a maritime institution and was begging to raise money to pay his fees. Quite a number of people in the vehicle doubted if he was a student, but he might have been. As laudable as it is to seek to further your education, you don’t have to stoop to begging to pay your fees, here are some things you can do to put yourself through school. And you don’t even need to rent a shop, as long as your customers know how to contact you.

Photography – If there is one thing undergraduates love doing, it’s taking photographs (even when they are broke). Come to think of it, it seems that every Nigerian university through the years had students who took photographs while in school to sustain them. You can take photographs of students and even cover events and before you know it, you will be rolling in cash.

Barbing – Like photography, barbing is another sideline quite a number of guys venture into and quite a number of guys used to pay their way through school. All you need is a pair of clippers, scissors, a comb and you are in business. Most guys cut/trim their hair and beards weekly so you can be assured of a constant source of income.

Hairdressing – This is another money spinner students can go into, and you don’t need to be female to make hair. Personally, I have found that male hairdressers tend to make you look prettier. Since girls spend much more money on their hair than guys do, hairdressers can make a ton of money, especially if you add home service.

Manicures/pedicures – The craze for false nails does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon so making nails is another sure source of steady income for anyone looking to earn some steady cash. Just make sure you keep yourself abreast of the latest trends in nail art, and you are in business.

Tailoring – Sewing is another money spinning craft you can practice, by taking the time to learn to make clothes that are both trendy, well finished, and delivered on time; you can be assured of constant customers.

Modelling – This is another source of income young people can explore, especially if you are above average in height, slim, and blessed with good skin and dentition. From calendar to photo shoots to runway modelling, you can be assured of some cash from modelling.


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